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June 2024

My inspiration comes from many places, and often it is right in my backyard.

 It’s been so unseasonably hot just now…a heat dome, right over the desert, that the only respite is early mornings and evenings. This was just before sunrise a couple of days ago at 5.06am…I know, I’s really early, but it is a wonderful time of day to sit, have my first delicious coffee of the day and marvel at how beautiful and hopeful the world can be, to take a few moments, breathe and forget all the awful things happening everywhere. Here, right now, it’s peace and perfection. I will take that feeling and try to encapsulate that essence into my paintings. The painting, Sand, Sea, Sky, part of my Strata Series is, as we speak, in Tokyo about to be hung in the Metropolitan Museum.

Alison Hyman, Sand, Sea, Sky (2024). Oil and cold wax on canvas. 20 x 20 inches.

It will be featured in "The USA Exhibition” as a part of the 23rd Japan International Art Exchange.  This exhibition is curated and organized by Julienne Johnson and is sponsored by the Japan Embassy of Culture and the China Embassy of Culture in Japan.  My painting will be featured with the work some other American artists and will be on view from 15 to 20 June 2024 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.  Also included in the “The USA Exhibition” is a solo presentation of works by Jackson Pollock, entitled Jackson Pollock – Explored.  Which is incredibly exciting as my painting will be in the same room as Jackson Pollock’s, and I love his work.

IAA/USA Cultivate: World Art Day 2024

Alison Hyman, Memories of Giverny 1 (2023). Oil and cold wax on canvas. 20 x 20 inches.

This painting, Memories of Giverny, was a response to Monet’s garden and his incredible paintings. It was chosen to be part of an exhibition featured in Cultivate, organized by the International Association of Art, USA to celebrate World Art Day, the theme was “a garden of expression:cultivating community through art.”

Jewish Artists Initiative of Southern California March Featured Member

Alison Hyman, String Theory I (2021). Arylic on canvas. 40 x 60 inches.

“My work is an exploration of energy, of forces moving from the external to the internal and back. I am seeking to create visual interpretations of the intangible — the emotions that we sense and feel, the enormity of the cosmos, the balance between the micro and the macro universes we live in, where the patterns of the stars in the sky can mirror the patterns of stones on a trail, or the molecules inside us.”

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