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artist statement

My work is an exploration of energy, of forces moving from the external to the internal and back. I am seeking to create visual interpretations of the intangible -- the emotions that we sense and feel, the enormity of the cosmos, the balance between the micro and the macro universes we live in, where the patterns of the stars in the sky can mirror the patterns of stones on a trail, or the molecules inside us. 


I work, steadily but organically, over many months, building layers of images, textures and colors, obscuring, adding, removing and peeling back, much like reverse archeology, creating strata for the viewer to uncover. 


Color is what excites me – different, unexpected color combinations, different textures and media. I dig down to find images that resonate to fundamental truths about nature I take a microcosm and examine it to unlock some new vision. Perhaps that vision is pure energy, or perhaps it is simply joy in painting. 


I am surrounded by the things – the images, the objects, the concepts – that influence what I do and how I do it. I take inspiration from the beautiful sunrises I see from my home in the mountains of the American Southwest desert and from views aloft in an airplane, where the earth meets the atmosphere. I take equal inspiration from the intense colors I see when I look at flowers, or my paints, or the impact of the sun hitting my closed eyelids while I sit outside. 

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